Third International Conference on Shaft Design and Construction 2012



Tuesday 24 April
 09.40 Welcome AddressConference ChairmanAlan Auld
 09.50Chairman All Party Parliamentary Group for Underground Space The Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford MP 
Shaft construction for civil engineering projects 
CH2M Hill  Doig, Patrick
 10.20Design and construction of a novel lining system for a large water retaining shaft on the Lee Tunnel Project   CA Consult Ltd and Morgan Sindall Underground Professional Services LtdAllen, Charles and Colin Eddie
 10.40Green Park Station step-free access, London, UKCapita Symonds Ltd and Dr Sauer and Partners Wall, Philip and Feiersinger, Andreas
Shaft design and construction for deep mine projects  
Cementation Canada Ltd Slack, Roy 
 11.50Shaft lining design for a potash shaft in rock salts at depth  METS, Shaft Sinkers (Pty) Ltd and GeoStable SA Judeel G. du T., Keyter, G. J. and Harte N. D. 
 12.10Numerical modelling of the shaft linings at Boulby Potash Mine University of Nottingham Yudan Jia and Stace, Rod 
 13.30Stresses in sliding-shaft linings due to curvature  DMT GmbH &CoKG  Klein, Joachim  
 13.50Current situation and development for China's 1000m deep shaft sinking Shaft Construction Research Institute and National Engineering Lab,Beijing Long, Zhiyang and Gui,Liangyu 
 14.10The design of shaft linings to resist time deformation in rocks Alan Auld Engineering Ltd Hollingsworth, S. E., Colbeck, S.O. and Auld, F.A. 
 15.00Combined video and laser camera for inspection of old mine shafts INERIS Cauvin, Laurent 
 15.20Current situation and foreground outlook to China's coal shaft drilling construction technology China Coal Mine Construction Group Co. Ltd, HeFei, Anhui Province  Xu, Huidong and Cai, Xin 
 15.40Mechanized shaft sinking method for soft and medium strength rock Herrenknecht  Slocombe, Roy and Berger, Werner  
 16.00An introduction to the practical aspects of sinking pneumatic caissons BAM Nuttall Ltd Allenby, Douglas and Kilburn, David 
 16.20Case studies and analysis of mine shafts incidents in Europe  INERIS  Premel, Amélie  
 16.40Closing remarks + Drinks Reception
 18.30End of day 1
 Wednesday 25 April
 10.00Activities of mining and shaft sinking contractors in the field of underground nuclear waste disposal   Deilmann-Haniel GmbH and J. S. Redpath Ltd Greinacher, Jochen, Dunlop, Bruce and Oellers, Thomas 
 10.20Experiences in the design of deep shaft accesses for underground nuclear waste repositories Alan Auld Group Ltd Auld, Alan 
 10.40Design characteristics of 30MTa/a mine field Coal Industry Jinan Design Research Institute He, Guowei, He, Fangxian and Zhang, Rongying 
 11.30Shaft construction in Amsterdam Joseph Gallagher Ltd Tasker, Andrew  
 11.50Shafts for Utility Tunnels - Case Studies from Hong Kong and Singapore  Mott MacDonald Singapore Pte LtdPakianathan, Leslie  
 12.10Underground City-Center complex, Helsinki Finland, 16 shafts into existing buildings  Rockplan Ltd  Nuijten, Guido  
 13.30Shaft liner design in salt  Deilmann-Haniel GmbH and CDM Consult GmbH  Oellers, Thomas and Kisse, Aloys  
 13.50Use and limitation of exploration boreholes for shaft sinking and lining design purpose  Deilmann-Haniel Shaft Sinking  Oellers, Thomas  

 15.00New ground freezing shaft sinking technology in alluvium with thickness over 500 meters China Assoc. of Senior Scientists and Engrs and SDIC Coal Co. Ltd  Chen, Wenbao, Li, Gong-zhou and Chen, Zhang-qing  
 15.20Tbm rescue projects using shafts and ground freezing  Deilmann-Haniel Shaft Sinking  Loffler, Michael, Ahlbrecht, Thomas and Schwarz, Wolfgang 
 15.40Largest frozen ground excavation in North America for excavation of crown pillar  Moretrench American Corporation  Sopko, Joseph, Braun, Bernd and Chamberland, Robert 
 18.00Pre Dinner Drinks Reception
 18.30Conference Dinner 
End of Day 2
Thursday 26 April
 10.00Underground and laboratory tests of filling materials used for shaft closure  Glowny Instytut Gornictwa (Central Mining Institute)  Prusek, S., Bock, S., Szymala, J. and Calus-Moszko, J  
 10.20Thorne colliery shafts - a history  UK Coal Mining Plc  Brumby, Martin  
 10.40Impact of mine closure and access facilities on gas emissions from old mine workings to surface : examples of French iron and coal Lorraine basins  INERIS  Lagny, C., Salmon, R., Pokryszka, Z. and Lafortune, S 
 11.30Design and construction of an offshore drilled shaft 6 m in diameter and 64 m deep at Flamanville, N. France Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter  Pine, Robert and Cockett, Julian  
 11.50Challenging issues in design and excavation of big dimension shaft in soil and rock   Geodata Engineering SpA  Vincenza, Floria  
 12.10Design and construction of the Thames Water Lee Tunnel shafts, London  CH2M Hill  Jewell, Peter  
 13.30Achievements of China's coal mine construction in recent years Tiandi Sciences and Technologies Shaft Construction Research Institute and China Coal No.5 Construction Co. Ltd Zhang, Yongcheng, Liu, Zhiqiang and Duan, Bangkui 
 13.50General theory of underground structures lining design and analytical design methods  Tula State University  Bulychev, Nikolay  
 14.10The use of steel fibre reinforced concrete for Civil Engineering shafts and mine shafts   Bekaert  De Rivaz, Benoit  
 15.00Rock mechanical and support technical design of the pit bottom on the 7th floor level, Shaft Prosper 10 in 1250 m depth DMT GmbH & CoKG Stadie, Dr Ulrich 
 15.20Study and application of key technology to shaft drilling and grouting simultaneous operation Tiandi Science and Technolgy Company Ltd, Beijing Zuo, Yong-jiang and Zhou, Xing-wang 
 15.40Vertical shaft machine  Herrenknecht  Slocombe, Roy and Schmah, Peter  
 16.00Closing remarks
Conference Close. 

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